The Green Sports Alliance is excited to announce its support for the CopaVerde Plan, which aims to advance sustainability in Brazilian sports teams, venues and leagues.

Brazil will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, captivating and inspiring the world. A specific focus on improving new and existing stadiums, as advanced green buildings under LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), can serve as a model for sports venues around the world.

The members of the Green Sports Alliance know first hand that strategies that improve the environmental performance of their facilities can save money, reduce environmental impact and strengthen their communities. The Alliance offers its support and expertise to the CopaVerde Plan to help promote healthy community, economic and environmental benefits and active living through sports.

Thank you for this bold vision of CopaVerde!


On behalf of the U.S. Green Building Council and our 16,000 members companies around the world, I write to offer our sincere thanks and hearty congratulations for the work CopaVerde has done in promoting sustainability in the global sporting community.

In soccer, goals are critically important. It’s goals that win matches. But as you know, in the work of driving widespread economic, environmental and cultural transformation, goals are just the beginning. CopaVerde has demonstrated how well you understand that fact: Beyond setting the critical goal of bringing green building to the global sporting events coming to Brazil, you’ve also set about the work it takes to achieve those goals.

We commend you for your vision of EcoArenas. Demonstrating to the world’s soccer fans Brazil’s passion for green building through its stadiums shows a passion, a creativity and a dedication that exemplifies leadership. And we congratulate you for the success you’ve already seen, including the way the LOC (Local Organizing Committees) has recommended LEED and the fact that three stadiums are registered within the LEED system. This is more than goal-setting - this is game-changing.


Supports and invites:

The Green Building Council of Brasil (GBCB), presents via this communication its official support for the CopaVerde movement. It has gained significant strength since the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) recommended LEED certification for Brazil’s stadiums. Now there are three stadiums registered, which will ensure that Green Building practices are implemented.

This is just the beginning, but with the help and contribution of all, Brazil can become a global leader in Green, Sustainable Building practices.

Green Building Council Brasil


The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) would like to offer its official support of the CopaVerde Plan, which aims to use the preparation and hosting of the world’s most important sporting events as catalysts to green the Brazilian economy, with green building as a key component of this strategy.

South Africa’s preparation for the hosting of the 2010 tournament has shown how the hosting of an event of this scale and profile is a powerful platform for collaboration on national projects by government, business, and civil society. Issues which are prioritized during the planning for such events are given a rare sense of focus and urgency, and this momentum could be very effective in elevating the level of awareness and understanding of the importance and potential environmental impact of green building.

We wish you and your team all the best for the roll out of the CopaVerde Plan and for the successful hosting of these two momentous events!



Nicola Douglas

CEO, GBC South Africa



Rick Fedrizzi

President, CEO and Founding Chair

U.S. Green Building Council


The CopaVerde Plan


Martin Tull

Executive Director

Green Sports Alliance




Green Building Council Brasil

US Green Building Council

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