CopaVerde began as an idea in October of 2008 when two Brazilian friends, Ian McKee and Vicente de Castro Mello, were contemplating the significant advancements occurring in architecture and building in the United States and Europe.  They observed how the convergence of efficient Green Building techniques with smart technology and renewable energy solutions was presenting a new opportunity for the way we design, construct and organize buildings. 

Having a shared concern for the environment and a great passion for sports it didn’t take long for them to begin imagining the possibilities and the legacy that “Green” sporting events could have for Brazil and the World.  With the Olympic bid going to Rio in 2016, Brazil now has truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to leverage these events as catalysts for sustainability and in doing so, finally reach its potential as a country. 

The CopaVerde Plan was written for the first time in late 2008 and introduced on January 1st, of 2009, to offer a path for Brazil to transform itself into a more efficient and sustainable, “Green” economy while it prepares for these global sporting events.  In doing this, we believe, the stage will be set in the EcoArenas of the future, for the greatest and most important games of all time..

We invite everyone to hep make CopaVerde become a reality!

The CopaVerde Plan

- Ian McKee, LEED AP

- Vicente Castro Mello, Stadium Architect


Green Building Council Brasil

US Green Building Council

Green Sports Alliance USA